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Working Paper Series

001.Infinitesimal Firms and Increasing Cost Industries.
Richard M. Peck, UIC.

002.Favorite Ways to Teach Economic Concepts.
Ali Akarca, UIC.

003. A Faculty-Drive Assessment Model: Measuring Faculty and Student Perceptions of Classroom Learning Techniques.
Daniel P. Condon, Dominican University. Anne Drougas, Dominican University.

004. New Selection Indices for University Admissions: A Quantile Approach.
Mo-Yin S. Tam, UIC. Gilbert W. Bassett Jr., UIC.

005. Where Are Economics Departments Housed?
Paul J. Pieper, UIC.

006. Assessing the Impact of Country Specific Macroeconomics Indicators on Economic Literacy for Teachers in Transition Economics.
Thomas Smith, UIC. Helen Roberts, UIC.

007. Teaching the Law of Downward Sloping Demand and Irrational Behavior.
Richard M. Peck, UIC.

008. Superstar Salaries: Sports Economics in the Classroom.
Helen Roberts, UIC. Thomas Smith, UIC.

009. The Economics Major: A Cross-Sectional View.
Rachel A. Willis. Paul J. Pieper, UIC.

010. The Effect of Administrative Location on the Number of Economics Majors.
Paul J. Pieper, UIC.

011. Translating Financial Education Into Behavior Change For Low Income Populations.
Angela C. Lyons, UIUC. Yunhee Chang, University of Mississippi. Erik Scherpf, UIUC.

012. Are We Making The Grade? A National Overview of Financial Education and Program Evaluation.
Angela C. Lyons, UIUC. Lance Palmer, UGA. Koralalage S.U. Jayaratne, UGA. Erik Scherpf, UIUC.

013. A Quick Look at Becker's Irrational Consumer.
Richard M.Peck, UIC.

014. Parental Influence-It Matters for Money Matters.
Helen Roberts, Jennifer Van Dyke, UIC.

015. Assessing the Impact of Problem-Based Learning on Student Understanding in Microeconomics Principles.
Thomas M.Smith, Helen Roberts, UIC.

016. Economic Education, National and Local.
Helen Roberts, Paul J. Pieper, UIC.

017. Feeling the Pain of Deadweight Loss: A Classroom Activity.
Helen Roberts, UIC.

018. Measuring the Effects of the Financial Fitness for Kids Program for Early Elementary School Students in Chicago
Helen Roberts, UIC.

019. Cooperative Learning in a Health Economics Course: 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign and Health Care Reform
Jennifer K. Rhoads, UIC.

020. After School Matters: Advancing the Finanical Literacy of High School Students
Helen Roberts, UIC; Margo Sorgman,UIC; Kathy Parkison, Indiana Univeristy Kokomo; Luis Guillermo Serpa, UIC

021. Brand Name Quiz and Incentive Behind Product Differentiation
Xin Fang,UIC

022. Surveying the Importance of Economics and Financial Literacy Descriptors
Helen Roberts, UIC; Margo Sorgman, UIC; Kathy Parkison, Indiana University Kokomo.

023. What Have We Learned About Financial Literacy?
Helen Roberts, UIC.